Electronic invoicing

Public sector instututions only accept electronic invoices

As of 1 February 2005, all public sector institutions in Denmark may only accept invoices in electronic format. This affects any company that does business with public-sector customers.

What to remember

When sending an invoice to a public institution, vendors need to ensure that the invoice contains the following information:

  • The EAN-location number of the public customer.
  • An order or requisition number.
  • A person or other reference.
  • An internal account number (optional).

The invoice, which must be in the electronic format of OIOUBL, can be created:

  • Directly through the vendor's accounting system.
  • On the Internet via an invoicing portal.
  • Through the Invoice Portal on www.virk.dk.
  • By a Read-In service center. 

E-Invoicing in Denmark (pdf)

Download the complete Electronic invoicing handbook (PDF format) (pdf)

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